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Cust|VR : The 3D virtual tour solution

CustlVR is a solution that was developed by the Swiss engineering company Kaïnoo. It allows you to visit virtually, in 3D and real-time, an existing property or one, which has yet to be built. Our models are designed thanks to several numerical modelling softwares. The environments that we devise are totally customizable: materials, colors, furniture, decoration… The interface is tailor-made, according to your desires and tastes.

Then, your application is available on every electronic device (smartphone, tablet, computer and television). We create also an application compatible with VR headsets, for total immersion.

We design 3D virtual tours throughout Switzerland and overseas (France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and many more).

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Visualize and show your place to your friends or to your clients

Cust|VR reproduces
your scope in 3D

Visualize and show your
place to your friends
or to your clients






Rental house











An apartment to rent? A house to sell? A new exposition you want to show? A brand new hotel? CustlVR is the virtual reality solution that allows you to show whatever you want to your clients or relatives, at any time. After the creation of a model, everyone will have the chance to go from room to room, as if they were there.

We are dealing with your virtual tour. Then, you can modify it as much as you want: with the addition of commercials or interfaces, trials of colors, materials or furniture… The customization is endless! Then, you can share your version and allow the people around you to view it.

With the application developed for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, your clients won’t say anymore: “It is difficult to look ahead…” Virtual reality provides an immersion going further than anything else, so far. Aside from the fact that you cannot touch anything, everything you see is real. Moreover, the method we use to capture the environment ensures the accuracy of the dimensions down to the nearest centimetre. Our team reproduces scopes using the same development that is used for video games.

We want you to have the best experience so do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.


Share your tour on every type of digital media

Application CustVR accessible par mobile, tablette, Web et lunettes VR


Show your real properties to your clients in an innovative way


Embed our tailor-made application in your internet website


Access your real property everywhere, at any time

VR Headset

Immerse yourself in your real property thanks to a VR Headset


Benefit from our technology, no matter what your field

Real estate agency

Show your real property without moving

Increase your attractiveness

Innovative technology

Home staging with the property owner

Property owner

Increase your attractiveness

Virtual management of your projects

Make up your plans from the 3D

Land developer

Your project available in complete immersion

A new experience

Buyer – seller interactivity


Save time

Visit several real properties at the same time

Visit again from your home

Museum / Hotel

Show your institution in an immersive way

Reassure your clients

Dynamize your institution

Furniture and materials provider

Place your products in our virtual tours

Benefit from a new business model

Link to your internet website

A “tailor made” application

Key features

Different layouts for the livingroom


Different type of furniture

We propose one or more variations of the interior layout for the same real property. Colors, flooring, walls, ceiling, furniture and decoration, you can chose whatever you want.

View mode

For the virtual tour, four travel modes are available:

  • From point to point: we place a few points of interest in the scope. You can move from point to point to visit, while looking around you freely.
  • By clicking: inspired by the Google StreetView’s travel mode. You can click where you want to go. Again, you can watch freely everywhere around you.
  • Free first person’s view: move in the scope as if you were in a video game. Use the keyboard and the mouse to move on.
  • Free third person’s view: again, it is similar to a video game but you see the character walking in the scope. Use the keyboard and the mouse to move her/him on.


Our application is fitted with language detection according to your geographical position. You can choose this manually as well..


It is possible to add every interaction you want, at the level of both the interface and the elements in the scene. Dialog with a hostess, opening doors, opening and closing blinds or lighting a lamp.


Dynamic objects

Our virtual tours are fitted with several dynamic elements such as the diffusion of a clip of footage on the living room’s television, a cat walking or a bird flying over your house.

Realistic materials

The materials that we create for our tours are in high definition thanks to accurate textures. That allows us to recreate the impression of depth of the material.

Camera’s effects

We add different lenses effects in order to make the vision realistic.

Depth of field: when you look more closely at a particular object nearby, the background becomes blurred.

Antialiasing: reduction of stairlike lines that should be smooth.

Motion blur: during the reorientation of your look, a motion blur appears according to the speed of your movement.

Shadow and light

It is possible to customize the light in your virtual tour:

  • Sunrise or sunset
  • Daylight
  • Night
Tailor-made interface


Our application is entirely customizable, according to your needs. Moreover, the graphic interface is configurable according to your desires: layout of the menu, travel mode, graphic parameter and personal settings. All of what you selected is saved in your personal account.

Integration of logos

The visual identity of your society can appear everywhere in the 3D scope, as banners or visual stickers, for example. The logo can even appear during the whole visit, in place of the pointer or just next to it.


You will find a hostess on the tour. She gives information about the process and then the user follows her while she gives details and advice, as in a real visit.

The other travel modes are:

  • Free visit: we place a few points of interest in the scope. You can move from point to point to visit them, while watching freely everywhere around you.
  • Guided tour: inspired by the Google StreetView’s travel mode. You can click where you want to go. Again, you can look everywhere around you freely.
  • Free first and third person’s view: move in the scope as if you were in a video game. Use the keyboard and the mouse to move on.

Cloud accessibility

All of your parameters are saved in your personal account on the Cloud. Thus, everything is available on every digital media, without using space on your hard drive.



Visit scopes online in an intuitive interface, similar to video games. Embed our tailor-made application on your website in order to share the virtual tour with anyone.


Our application is available for smartphone as well. Access your visits whenever you want!


Benefit from a larger screen. Also, this is an innovative way to show real properties.

VR Headset

Immerse yourself in a place that you would like to visit. With virtual reality, you can discover a real property or an exhibition with a real perception of dimensions and volumes, as if you were there.

Different layouts for the kitchen

Chambre à coucher sur mesure - appartement

Chambre à coucher en "3D interactive"

Application CustVR - salon d'un appartement en temps réel

Salon en configuration "Realtime"

CustVR permet la visualisation 3D de détails

Visualisation 3D de détails

Immersion 3D totale sur une terrasse

Immersion 3D totale sur la terrasse

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